2017- Tracks & Seminars - Check Back For 2018 Updates

Geordon Rendle with Youth For Christ Canada will be our

Keynote Speaker for the day. 

Soul Care 

  • With God In The Middle (Iona Snair) Now and then, we are all impacted by what seem to be hopeless situations in our lives and the lives of those we care about. What we want is resolution and release; what we sometimes get is an invitation to a feast in the middle of the difficulty. If hope is such a great thing, maybe we need to take another look at where to find it and how to live in it well despite the situation. 
  • Courageous Gratitude: Sustainable Boldness:  (Geordon Rendle) Our keynote speaker, Geordon has summited Aconcagua (7000 metres), completed 4 Ironman races and even more amazingly, stayed in youth ministry for almost 30 years! The key to long-term stick-to-itiveness is thankfulness. Our courage and boldness are directly proportional to our gratitude! Blessed to be a blessing! We will interactively explore real, practical, lifestyle approaches to resilient, reflective, refreshing ministry! There IS joy in serving Jesus. By God´s Grace, Geordon has kept his wife happily married for 30 years, raised 4 amazing kids and lived in 6 different countries, all while doing effective youth ministry. This will be a candid discussion about how!
  • Messing With My Head: Understanding Mental Health & Youth (Iona Snair) When we talk about vulnerable teens, those with mental health difficulties find themselves near the front of the line. So what does a youth worker who cares about them need to know to walk with these kids well. 

Culture - Practical insights and solutions For Today

  • How To Respond To The Skeptic When Defending Christianity (Jon Morrison) Come learn how Jon went from an intimidated youth leader who was scared of the big questions students were asking, to engaging in public debates defending the truth claims of Christianity. You will learn practical steps in sharing your faith effectively and take on the 6 most common push backs that will come at you by the skeptic or seeker student. 

  • Sex, Christ And Culture - LBGTQ+ And Your Students (Sid Koop) We live in a culture that tells our students they should express and explore their sexual desires and identity any way they want. Christ tells us that He has a specific design for sex and sexuality. How can we be communities that help students immersed in our culture hear and experience the truth of Jesus Christ as good news when it comes to sex and sexuality?

  • Don't ALL World Religions Lead To God? You Need To Know How To Answer That Question! (Jon Morrison) If you haven't been asked this question by a student yet... you will! In this session, Jon Morrison, looks at the nature of truth claims and how we can look at them in the arena of world religions. Christianity has one ultimate trump card and that is the resurrection of Jesus. What is the evidence for this claim? What are the implications? Answering these two questions will give us a compelling response next time our students ask us about world religions. 

  • Understanding & Helping Kids in the midst of Anxiety, Depression & Self-Injury (Brandie Bradshaw) Three of the top struggles we see teens walking in today. These struggles can be overwhelming as a youth worker. In this session we'll give a foundation of understanding & practical ready-to-use tools so you'll leave equipped and encouraged to love your kids well right where they are.

  • Purity Is Possible: Caring For Kids In A Pornified Culture: (Sid Koop) Pornography has a deepening grasp on our culture and our students, with serious consequences. In this session we'll look at the practical implications of its impact, and how we can come alongside students to install biblical truths and engage in safe (Though still sometimes uncomfortable!) grace-filled conversations that point them to Jesus. We'll walk through a practical 7-week guide designed to help youth workers journey with students towards freedom so that they can experience God's grace and healing.  

Ministry Tools

    • Breaking Barriers: How To Build A Missional Culture Within Our Youth (Tim Gonsalves) Students constantly face barriers in their life that both cripple them in the daily walk and as well prevent them from living out their mission as Jesus followers. How can we as youth workers play more of a coaching role where we help students remove these barriers and equip them for a life on mission. This session will offer practical ways to build a culture of mission within your context where students actively engaged in conversations about life, faith, and God without feeling unequipped. 

    • Moving Your Small Group From Good To Great! (AJ Crocker) Your small group can accomplish big things in the lives of your teenagers.  If you are a volunteer small group leader, join us in this seminar to find methods and approaches that will help you be a better small group leader this week. You'll discover why your role is important, the goals of a great small group leader, and practical steps to help your students become more like Christ.
    • Building Relationships Even When It's Difficult (Brandie Bradshaw) It doesn't matter if you're great at connecting with kids or if it's a struggle-everyone will leave this session with more tools in your belt for building relationships with youth. We'll look at a variety of practical tools with a focus on the harder to reach kids, the ones giving you a run for your money or stonewalling you. Building relationships is the core of youth work and yet it is the skill that rarely gets developed-let's change that.

    • Culture Convos: Leading Complex Group Discussions On Social Issues (AJ Crocker) From LGBTQ+ questions to immigration issues, our students need a Biblical-based evaluation system for what's happening around them. Wouldn't it be helpful if we had a way to lead them, in community, to wrestle with the truth and evaluate their default reactions? In this seminar we'll look at at format for group discussion that helps assess the social situations, dig into scripture for answers, and make a choice on how to respond.