2018 - Tracks & Seminars (Check Back For Updates On 2019)

Jason Ballard (Youth Alpha) will be our 2019

Keynote Speaker for the day. 


  • Intentional Discipleship: 10 game-changing practices you can put into practice right away (Ryan Morgan) 10 ways to build, train, evaluate, and release effective, transformational disciples of Jesus for life. If you find discipleship hard enough with all the other millions of things you do as a volunteer youth worker, then this seminar is for you. This seminar is designed to help youth workers build a holistic approach to discipleship and to discuss practical ways to achieve transformational disciples of Jesus for life.

  • Beyond The Superficial-Connecting With All Types Of Teenagers (Brandie Bradshaw) It doesn't matter if you're great at connecting with kids or if it's a struggle, everyone will leave this session with more tools in your belt for building relationships with the more challenging teenager. We'll look at a variety of practical tools with a focus on the harder to reach kids, the ones giving you a run for your money or stonewalling you. Building relationships is the core of youth work and yet it is the skill that rarely gets developed-let's change that.

  • Relational Discipleship Is The Key To Everything (Jeff Scott) Turning relationship into discipleship is where life change can really happen. As a full-time police sergeant AND full-time ministry worker, Jeff offers a very unique perspective when it comes to capitalizing on relational discipleship. In this session you'll learn practical tips on how to take your relational discipleship approach to new depths with your students, along with common pitfalls to avoid. 

  • Renegotiating Faith: The Delay In Young Adult Identity Formation And What It Means For The Future Of The Church In Canada (Sid Koop) Many students disengaged from faith and church during important transitions in life. There are few more important transitions for a young person than moving from high school to life after high school. Much of our ministry to youth tends to end when their time in high school ends. However if we want to see our youth develop long-term sustainable and consequential faith, than we must do a better job of journeying with our kids through this transition and beyond. In this seminar we will look at the much anticipated results of the Youth Adult Transition Research, and explore ways we must respond now. 

Culture - Practical insights and solutions For Today (2018)

  • Purity Is Possible: Practical Steps To Help Your Students Break Their Porn Addiction Before It Breaks Them (Sid Koop) If you don't want to deal with the issue of pornography, you probably shouldn't be involved in youth ministry. This seminar will give you practical steps we as volunteer youth workers (not professional counsellors, not psychologists) can take to help students in our care break free from pornography.

  • Understanding & Helping Kids in the midst of Anxiety, Depression & Self-Injury - S.O.S! (Brandie Bradshaw) Is it just me or are more and more kids struggling with mental health then ever before? In this session Brandie will share a clear understanding of these issues we are seeing in teenagers; discuss some of the reasons we are seeing more; but mostly give you practical tools to work with teenagers in your life who struggle with mental health. 

  • Sex, Christ And Culture - LBGTQ+ And Your Students (Sid Koop) We live in a culture that tells our students they should express and explore their sexual desires and identity any way they want. Christ tells us that He has a specific design for sex and sexuality. How can we be communities that help students immersed in our culture hear and experience the truth of Jesus Christ as good news when it comes to sex and sexuality?

  • Infobesity And Helping Youth Find Purpose In An Over-Saturated Digital World (Andy Gabruch) The digital age has changed how the world communicates, processes information and defines relationships. With that said, this generation is bombarded with the realities of living in a digital age that leaves them paralyzed by too much information. This seminar is about helping students develop their purpose, discern the digital age through the lenses of the Gospel, and practical ways to reveal Jesus through their social media platforms. 

Ministry Tools (2018)

  • 8 Indisputable Leadership Truths Every Youth Worker Needs To Put Into Practice (Krista Penner) In any given year there are more leadership books written than there are days to read them! Krista will back the leadership truck up and look at key universal truths about leadership that will help you format your own foundational vision for the kind of leader you want to be as a youth worker and in in life. 

  • To Hug Or Not To Hug? That Is Just One Of The Questions! (Marv Penner) How do we develop meaningful relationships with students in this “#metoo” world. What are the appropriate boundaries when it comes to one-on-one conversations, spending time together, connecting with students after school or working together on a ministry project? What are some of the dangers we need to be aware of in the context of a “counselling” or mentoring relationship? How much are we obliged to tell parents about what’s going on in the private world of their teenager? What do we do when we suspect an inappropriate relationship is taking place? These are just some of the questions every volunteer youth worker must know the answers to. This session will give you some practical tools that will help you guard your life and ministry and keep you moving ahead in a safe way.

  • 2019 - Crucial Conversations: How To Make It Safe Enough To Talk About Almost Anything To Anyone (Krista Penner) Join Krista, a certified Crucial Conversations trainer for an overview look at some of the skills needed that will help you create a safe environment and set you up well to navigate difficult conversations with grace and a fresh perspective. You will leave this seminar better equipped and with more confidence in not just talking with teens, but anyone in your life. 

  • The Most Important Leadership Assignment You'll Ever Be Given Is Yourself (Andy Gabruch) The adventure of youth ministry can be thrilling, discouraging, rewarding and downright exhausting. As youth workers, our role in the lives of students is to love them and point them to Jesus. In order to do so, we must take on the most important leadership and soul keeping assignment. It's you! In this seminar you'll learn practical ways to lead yourself and care for your soul.