2016 Examples - Tracks & Seminars

Soul Care 

  • The Heart Of A Youth Worker - Lead From Strength. (Ron Friessen) God is bigger, stronger and more powerful than our greatest struggles, our greatest weaknesses, our darkest moments, our greatest fears. Are these truths making a difference in your daily life and how you minister to youth? Come for a time of inspiration and encouragement!  
  • Lasting Impact: Self-Care And Ministry That Outlives You - (Ryan Morgan) Those of us who work with teenagers often find ourselves balancing a growing list of expectations, busy programs and crisis' moments alongside the day-to-day demands of work and family. It's not surprising that self-care usually takes a back seat in this pressure-cooker, and that many great volunteers will quit before their prime, burnt out and overwhelmed. Learn some of the key practices that can increase your impact and equip you for effective ministry over the long-haul. 

Culture - Practical insights and solutions For Today

  • The Atheist In Your Midst. What Are You Doing About It? (Jon Morrison) Some of your teens at youth are extremely vocal about their atheistic beliefs. Some haven't told you and some are consider it. Gain some helpful insight into the atheistic worldview and become better equipped to talk with the atheist in your midst. 
  • Sex, Christ And Culture - LBGTQ+ And Your Students (Sid Koop) We live in a culture that tells our students they should express and explore their sexual desires and identity any way they want. Christ tells us that He has a specific design for sex and sexuality. How can we be communities that help students immersed in our culture hear and experience the truth of Jesus Christ as good news when it comes to sex and sexuality? 
  • Leveraging Media For Ministry (Jesse Criss) Technology and media is growing at an explosive rate daily and it's not slowing down. How can we best utilize emerging technology and media to leverage ministry to our students? Come find out! 
  • Culture Chaos (Ron Friesen) - Embrace culture or Avoid Culture, the need for our students is connection, community and conviction.This workshop will define culture, and its impact on our students and also provide insights and solutions to help you minister in todays Chaotic Culture. 

Ministry Tools

  • Working Through Suffering And Evil In Both Head And Heart (Jon Morrison) Why God allows suffering and evil is by far the number one question asked by skeptics and Christians alike. This session will equip you to not only help teens understand this very question BUT also draw them closer to Jesus. 
  • Be The Cutting Edge Volunteer Youth Worker God Is Calling You To Be (Kenan Stolz) Volunteerism is the life blood of the Church. A thriving volunteer team translates into success for the mission of the local church. Ministries live or die by their volunteers. Learn how you can go from good to GREAT by faithfully putting into practice some very simple, yet eternity altering practices as a valuable team member. 
  • Managing The Monsters: Navigating the challenges of unchurched kids rocking' your youth group!  (Brandie Bradshaw) - It's so great when your youth start bringing their unchurched friends to youth group! What an amazing opportunity! But what do you do when youth group time turns R rated, or your perfect Bible study goes bust or every activity turns into a full contact blood sport? Brandie will present thoughts on successful strategies and practical ideas for how to thrive in discipling both church and community kids at the same time. 
  •  How Do You Help Teens Cope When Things Just Aren't Working? (Myrna Hiebert) - A guide to understanding common reactions to life's challenges and supporting teens though them. Teenagers emotions and reactions to emotions do make sense... even if it drives you CrAzY sometimes. Come and learn how and get better equipped to help your students. 

2016 - Sid Koop with Truth Matters Ministries & Canadian Youth Workers Conference, along with Ron Friesen with Columbia Bible College will be our Key Note Speakers for the day.